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The smartphone dermatoscope provides a high-resolution, detailed view of the skin through magnification and specialized lighting.

High Quality

MoleScope was Developed by a team of scientists at MetaOptima in North America. The device is Accredited as a medical device by Australia’s TGA.

Easy to Use

Just Snap on the Adapter and take the photos using the smartphone app.


The DermEngine App is specially designed to be used with the adapter. Functions include Full-body imaging, tracking and matching of lesions.

Images are stored and organized for quick retrieval, feature analysis and comparison. The system is user friendly and compliant with HIPAA standards of security.


Expert Dermoscopy Report within 24 hours.

  • Easy to Understand
  • Most Likely Diagnosis or diagnoses
  • Action points
Easy to understand
Expert Report
Likely Diagnosis


The My Skin Check Doctor is accredited by skin cancer college Australia. He is experienced in the use of dermoscopy and works in a skin cancer clinic. Qualifications include dual diplomas in both skin cancer medicine (SCCA) and clinical dermatology (UCL Lond. Dis, Michael Klaber prize).

Why Use The Service?

There are two types of Skin Check that are performed in a skin cancer clinic:

  • A full Skin check – this is usually best performed at a physical clinic.
  • A Spot Skin check  – checking just a few lesions of concern. This is is where The Molescope comes in.

The My Skin Check MoleScope service is designed as a “Spot Skin Check”. The outcome will more often than not be the exclusion of a skin cancer, and thus save a visit to a skin cancer clinic or Their GP. Further changes in the lesion should be checked out.

The service is likely to be appeal to:

  • The person who gets frequent skin cancers and goes to a skin cancer doctor or dermatologist on a regular basis. This person is often very aware of their skin. What do you do when a new lesion appears in-between checkups?
  •  The person at low risk who does not need to attend for a regular full skin check but wants to get the odd spot skin check.
  • The person who frequently travels.

We all get too busy with life and can’t attend regular skin appointments when we should. At the very least, get out your molescope and send your images to My Skin Check.

aWhat are The limits of The Service?

It should be emphasized that the Home My Skin Check service does not replace that of a “face-to-face” skin cancer checkup.

Why is this? Apart from the obvious stuff like being able to answer questions, here are the major reasons:

  • There is some value in “feeling” or seeing a skin lesion “in real life” – particularly to pick up solar keratosis (sun spots) and SCC.
  • There is a limit to how many moles or lesions you can photograph at home in one go – a full skin check is just not possible.
  • A full skin check allows comparison between moles – both with and without the dermoscopy.

Nevertheless, a “spot skin check” using remote dermoscopy is a useful addition to skin cancer diagnosis.

How secure is The system?

DermEngine is the cloud-based system that connects your MoleScope app with the doctor’s dermEngine system.

Although a photograph of a mole or skin lesion is not going to be recognisable, the system is compliant with Australia’s rightly stringent health privacy laws.

In particular, the server is secure and physically located within Australia.

What are the Doctor’s Qualifications?

The Reports will be provided by Dr Richard Beatty who is a skin cancer doctor practicing in Brisbane, and author of the © blog.

BM(SOTON) FRACGP MRCP(UK) Cert Dermoscopy (SCCA) Dip Skin Cancer Med Surg (SCCA)  Dip Clin Derm (UCL, Dist + Michael Klaber Prize).

How useful are the reports?

The report gives weight to the following priorities:

  • The likely diagnosis.
  • Alternative diagnoses which might be serious.

Dermoscopy is a valuable and proven tool in the early diagnosis of skin cancer.

However, even in experienced hands there are limits to what dermoscopy can achieve.

It is to be expected that you will be given the all-clear on a typical report.

On occasion you may be:

  • Advised to attend a skin cancer clinic to consider biopsy
  • To repeat the image a few months later


  • App
  • Free!IOS or Android
  • Powers The Molescope


MoleScope + DermEngine + My Skin Check = Peace of Mind

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